Book Review: The Last Letter from Your Lover

Hello, and welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today I bring to you another Book Review Monday. I have another amazing book for you today! Today I am reviewing “The Last Letter From Your Lover” by JoJo Moyes. Just like last week I will begin with information about the book, before moving  on to a summary, and then finish with my thoughts on the book. Enjoy, and let me know what books you recommend I read next!

Information: This book was published in 2011 by Penguin Books. It is 432 pages long. The book is classified as contemporary. GoodRead gives the book 3.94 stars out of 5. It won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award from GoodReads in 2011.

Summary: It is the year 1960 when Jennifer wakes up in a London hospital. She has been in a car crash and has no memory of any events leading up to the crash or how it happened. The novel flashes back and forth from events leading up to the accident, to Jennifer’s life trying to regain her memory, and what she is lead to believe is the perfect marriage.

As Jennifer searches for clues to aid in her memory recovery she finds old love letters written to her by a man she can’t remember but seems familiar. A former lover who only signs the letters with his initial. With this information Jennifer becomes determined to find out who this mysterious man is, and what happened to him.

In the coming months Jennifer realizes her marriage to rich and influential Laurence is not what it seems. Their whole marriage has been a façade of glamour, power, and money. Behind closed doors though, their marriage has not a bit of love or compassion and is falling apart. Soon Jennifer is unable to hide her unhappiness any longer and confronts Laurence, who finally comes clean that he knows what caused her accident and who the mysterious writer is.

Just as Jennifer begins to track down her former lover the book moves 40 years to the future. Here we meet Ellie, a reporter at a newspaper. Reminiscent of Jennifer’s life, Ellie herself is having her own affair and struggling with her news career. While doing research for an article Ellie finds a letter written to Jennifer from the mysterious lover. Ellie makes it her mission to find Jennifer and the writer of the letter and see what has become of them, and their story.

My Thoughts: When I began reading this book I could not have been more excited. Having read some of JoJo Moyes other books I knew right away that I would be sucked in from the very first page. Throughout the book I could really feel the full range of emotions of main character Jennifer. Every tear, every smile, every ounce of love that the character felt, I I felt as if it was my own.

This seems to be true of every book written by the talented JoJo Moyes. Her books never fail to make me both cry, and smile. Sometimes in the very same page. This author has an amazing talent for not just telling you the story, but making you see and feel the story through all 5 senses. It is not just reading a book, but a full literary experience when you open one of her novels.

“The Last Letter from Your Lover” made me question what would I do if I was in the same situation that Jennifer is in. How would I feel if there was someone out there who I knew I was meant to be with, but I didn’t even know his name or where to find him. If all I had were a series of letters written from him to me. I would like to think that I would have the strength and courage to go and find him. That I would be able to give up everything to find this man, no matter how long it took. Honestly though, I am not so sure I would have the courage.

I again with end this post with my favorite quote from this novel. “Somewhere in this world is a man who loves you, who understands how precious and clever and kind you are. A man who has always loved you and, to his detriment, suspects he always will.” I hope everyone finds time this week to pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read. Happy reading.

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