Spring is Coming!

When you think of Florida what are some of the first things you think of? If you are anything like me then it is of the warm sun, days spent at the beach, cold drinks, and bright colorful outfits. Lucky for me these are some of my favorite things and I live in the perfect location for this!

However, while I am completely and totally ready for spring and summer weather, it seems that the part of Florida that I live in is not. Over the past few days it has not been over 60 degrees outside. Yes, it is true that compared to most of the rest of the country this is warm and almost shorts weather but for us Floridians this is cold!

Over the past few days I have been wearing my boots, scarves, and heavy sweaters. This has made me even more ready for spring and all of the spring fashion waiting to hit stores. This spring there are so many different trends that I am already inspired by and ready to start adding to my closet.

Among the trends I am most excited for is different bright colors. For some reason whenever I am wearing something bright in my outfit it makes my day so much better. Even when I am not feeling the best, if my outfit has at least a pop of color it puts a bounce in my step. Some of my new favorites are aquamarine,  coral orange, and the color I’m most excited to wear more of, yellow. 1 2 3

I am also ready to begin wearing more patterns. Wherever I look I see magazine, runways, and stores filled with so many fun patterns. I can’t wait to get to wear some of these exciting patterns for myself! 1 2

The last thing I am excited for is longer skirts and dresses. While I love dresses that are mid-thigh length or a little bit shorter, I have been seeing a lot of dresses that are around knee length and for some reason I am loving it. Whether it is a more full-bodied skirt or something slimmer these longer lengths are sure to be a hit. 1 2

First Post; New Adventures.

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Michelle, and I am a new fashion blogger residing in the gulf coast of Florida. If you have not already read my welcome page please go ahead and click on the welcome button at the top of the page. I promise it will only take a moment.

Starting out this blog I really did not know what to write about for my first post. While I have tons of ideas floating around my head I could not wrap my head around what to write for my first actual post. Doesn’t it seem like getting started is always the hardest part? When I was thinking about this the perfect topic came to me, new adventures and firsts. Although my blog will typically contain beauty and fashion posts, I thought this was a perfect time to write about the topic of starting something new.

Everyone goes through many firsts in their lifetimes. From your first steps and first word, to first days of college and first day at a new job or in a new place. These first never stop and they always seem a little bit scary at first. I’ve gone through many of these firsts in my life and am even writing my first blog post right now! Although these firsts have been scary, I have survived each and every one of them and have learned a little bit about survival along the way.

First, it is okay to be scared. Everyone gets nervous when it is time for change. If someone tells you otherwise don’t believe them. However, I now know that it is okay to be scared. Being scared just means you care enough to worry. Second, try your best but don’t worry about being perfect. While you don’t want to not put any effort into whatever new adventure you are on, you also have to remember that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes when they are first starting out. Last, if you need help ask for it. Those who care about you will not let you drown. When you know you need the help and support find someone you care about and talk to them. They are probably more willing than you think to help.

Remember, while beginnings are scary, they can turn into something magical. Something magical that would have never been possible if nobody took that first step, that first chance, that first leap of faith.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and I can’t wait for all of the scary but inspiring firsts that are sure to come with the start of my blog.

With Love,