Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Matte and Poreless

When I am picking out a foundation I generally am not drawn to drugstore foundations. Often I feel they do not blend nicely and emphasize my textured skin. I am always open to trying new foundations though and have found many that I absolutely love. The foundation I want to encourage everyone to try is Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation. There are multiple types in this line depending on your skin concern, but the one I’ve been trying is the Matte and Poreless foundation. This foundation comes in a 1.0 0z bottle. At Ulta it retails for $7.99.

Maybelline’s Matte and Poreless foundation provides medium coverage and gives a matte finish. Although it claims to be buildable I had trouble building coverage up with both a beauty blender and a brush. While I would only consider it medium coverage this foundation definitely evened out my skin tone. After applying the foundation, while I could still see some acne spots and dark spots and circles, I could know longer see any redness and the overall tone of my skin was more even.

The finish is definitely smooth and matte, although it did need powder on top of it as it still felt tacky a few minutes after applying. Overall I really liked how my pores looked smoother. On my forehead and one of my cheeks looked completely pore-less. My left cheek and chin are naturally more textured and while they did not look completely pore-less with this foundation on, they were considerably smoother looking. I tried out this foundation with multiple primers underneath and powders overtop with the same results each time.

When it comes to texture of this foundation I would say this product is a lot more liquid like than a lot of other foundations that I prefer. Although I generally wear liquid foundation only I find most foundations to be thicker and creamier than the Maybelline Matte and Poreless. This foundation was a lot runnier than I was expecting. A lot more foundation was required to get less than the same amount of coverage I am used to. I think the consistency of the product had a lot to do with the coverage I was given. It seemed to be a very water based foundation. However, for days I am wanting less coverage, it was perfect.

What I really liked about this foundation is that it did not seem to cling to any dry patches on my skin. I have a very dry forehead and nose. A lot of times foundations will cling to and emphasize these dry spots. With this foundation I did not notice this problem at all. My forehead remained smooth looking the whole time I was wearing the foundation which is definitely impressive in my book.

If  you are looking for a drugstore foundation that gives you a finish that is as pore-less as such more expensive foundations I would definitely give this product a try. I would definitely say with certainly that this is my favorite drugstore foundations and I will be repurchasing this item. Let me know down below what your favorite drugstore foundation is!


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