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Welcome to my blog. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day wherever you are! Today we are going to dive into the topic of skin-care. Now I’ve never been one of those people who have terrible skin on my face. Of course I have always gotten a blemish here or there but for the most part I considered myself lucky. That is, until recently. Over the past few months I have noticed that my skin has taken a turn for the worse and it got me thinking ‘Yikes’. I started to notice that I was getting more cystic acne, particularly around my lower cheeks and jawline. Not only that but my forehead and nose had become extremely dry and the texture on my cheeks was suddenly extremely bumpy. I didn’t know what had happened to skin, but I did know that something had to be done about! With this realization I stepped into action and started a whole new skin care routine. Today I am here to share with you what I am using and a review on if I like it. Who knows, if you are having skin issues maybe these products will hope you too!

Each night before bed I start off my skin care routine by taking off my makeup. Often times I am wearing a full face of makeup, and I know that if I don’t take if off before bed I am only ruining my skin. Not only that but I would probably wind up looking like something out of a horror movie if I didn’t take it off before bed! Not a pretty picture. The first product I always use is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I apply this to a cotton round, (I’m not picky about which ones), and gently run over my skin. I have to say that I love this product! It effectively removes all of my face makeup with only one or two cotton rounds and it has no offensive smell! Not only that, you get a lot of product for such a low price, and a little really does go a long way. The next product I use is the Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of this stuff. Sure it does its job of removing my makeup. Actually it is fantastic at this. However, I do not understand how it is considered oil-free. Whenever I apply this product I feel like I just threw a vat of oil and slime on my eyes and I do not enjoy this. Maybe I am using it wrong, but I am not a fan of this stuff. The last thing I do to remove my makeup is using a makeup removing wipe. This ensures that there is no left over makeup on my face. Right now I am using the Cetephil Cleansing Cloths I consistently have problems with face wipes giving me a rash so I am very picky when choosing what I buy but these are fantastic! They are great for sensitive skin and a good price. These get an A+ in my book. 

The next part of my skin care routine is actually washing face. Lately I have been really into researching skin care. One of the things often suggested is washing the face twice. In my journey to better skin I decided to give this technique a try. The first thing I wash with is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel. Hold up! Didn’t I just get finished saying I did not like the Neutrogena eye makeup remover? Why am I using another one of their products too!? You would be right in thinking this. I must be crazy, right? Now I am going to stop you in your tracks because this stuff is AMAZING. Originally I wanted to trying it out because of its claim to be hydrating and I figured that is just what my skin needs. This product is just that. It is hydrating beyond belief and helps my skin feel extremely soft. Not only that, but this stuff has a crazy good scent to it. After using this product I move go on to the Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. Yes, I use yet another Neutrogena product. I guess one not so good product doesn’t mean they are doomed. This product is pretty good. I love how the exfoliant beads in this do not feel gritty and it really is gentle. The scrub exfoliates my face without being to harsh. Overall it is a pretty good product. Not amazing by any means, but not terrible either!

Once or twice a week after I wash my face, I go in with a Mud Mask. Lately, I have loved with a capital ‘L’, this mask from Formula 10.0.6. It is their Pores Be Pure Mud Mask. Before I picked this up I had never heard of this brand but I am so glad I know about them now because this mask is great. Not only does it really clear out my pores but it leaves my skin glowing! I will admit it does burn a little, so if you don’t like that this may not be for you. However, I do not mind the sensation. After 15 minutes I remove the mask with warm water and follow it by using another product from Formula 10.0.6. I am using their Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. Even though I have at this point already washed my face twice, I like to use this to make sure the face mask is all off my skin. I really do like this product and I am excited to try more skin care from the brand! The last part of my face washing is using a toner. I use this whether I have used a face mask or not. As of now I am using the VICHY Perfecting Toner. Are you guys ready for some truth time? I do not like this toner. Not one bit. When I use this I do not feel like it does anything to my skin. I was hoping I would feel like it was finishing the cleansing of my face but I do not get this impact. Perhaps I was expecting too much from this product. Fine, it does have one redeeming quality. It does not burn at all. In fact it feels like you are putting just your regular tap water on your face. I guess that’s a good thing. Maybe? Or maybe not.

The last part of my skin routine is moisturizing. I begin with the Natural Kick ‘Let It Glow’ Serum. I originally bought the product because of it’s name. Comment below if you get the reference! However, I soon realized that it really does lead to glowing skin. It is only available online but it is worth it to pick this stuff up. Next I go in with my moisturizer. I am using the St. Ives Timeless Skin collagen elastin moisturizer. While I realize that I have no need for a collagen elastin product, I really do like this moisturizer. First things off you get a lot of product for the price. The tub I have has 10 oz of product! That is a lot! On top of that it is soothing and makes my skin so soft. I wake up in the morning and my face still feels like a baby’s bottom! Besides, it is never to early for wrinkle prevention right? After my moisturizer I go in with another product from the brand Formula 10.0.6. I like to go in with their PM Perfector which is an overnight hydrating cream. This heavy night cream really does help lock in the moisture. The last product I use before heading off to bed is the Pure Body Naturals STEM Cell Eye Gel. I pat this around my eyes as a prevention treatment. I really do like the applicator of this product as it dispenses the perfect amount of gel. Unfortunately though this stuff burns even more than I can handle.

      There you have it. My skin care routine as of now! In the months I have used them I really do see a difference in my skin. I don’t know if it is one of these products or something else but if you are looking for some new skin care it may be worth it to try some of these products! What skin care are you currently using? I am always open to trying new products so sound off below with what skin care you are obsessing over! I can’t wait to try them out.

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