Youtube Made Me Buy It

Hello my lovely friends and welcome back! Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite things. Can anyone guess what that is? If you guessed makeup you would be correct. You deserve a prize! Go on and get yourself a treat before reading the rest of this post.

When it comes to makeup I am willing to try just about anything, no matter what it is. Just like a lot of girls, one of my favorite places to go to find makeup ideas is YouTube. A lot of times I will watch a video and convince myself that I have to try a product out myself. Today I am going to share with you some of the products I have bought after watching a YouTube video, and if it was worth it. In order to stop this review from being a million years long, I have only included a few products. But don’t you worry. I am sure to do more reviews like this in the future!

Brows: The first item, and my only brow product in this post, is Ka-Brow by Benefit. A couple of months ago this product was all over YouTube. When I saw the cute packaging, combined with the cream-gel texture, I knew I had to give it a go. The first few times I used this product I absolutely love it. It was easy to use and I absolutely loved the texture of the product. It lasts all day even if the rest of my makeup melts off. However, I absolutely do not like the brush that comes with it. While at first it was fine and I loved the size of the brush, eventually I realized how terrible it is. After just a few months of using it, the hairs on the brush are fraying and falling out. Now, I don’t know if maybe I am just doing something wrong, but I hate this brush. While I will still purchase this product in the future, I think I will find a new brush to go with it.

Face: The next product I am going to discuss is a concealer that everyone on YouTube has been talking about this past year. Yes, I am talking about Tarte’s Shape Tape. Before I bought this product I thought it was completely overhyped and there was no way that the product was as good as everyone was talking about. I am so glad I was proved wrong! This stuff is amazing! Not only does it completely cover everything you could want it to, the application gives you a completely flawless finish. It doesn’t even need a powder to set it, although I admit I do still use one. The huge doe-foot applicator makes applying this concealer so easy too. My favorite way to use it, is under my eyes for a very highlighted under but it is great for covering redness and blemishes too. Unfortunately, the downside is that you can only get it at Ulta. That has not deterred me from buying multiple tubes of it though.

Another face product I want to talk about is Physician’s Formula’s Butter Bronzer. This is yet another product that I absolutely love! I at first bought it because everyone was saying how good it is for lighter skin tones, and they were totally right! There are two shades of this product and after falling in love with the lighter shade I went out and bought the darker shade when it came out. But shades work perfectly for light skin. I use the lighter shade when I am on the paler side and the darker shade works great when I have a slight tan going on. Not only are the shades great but it applies smoothly (I mean it is called butter bronzer after all, and it smells AMAZING! Like a tropical vacation built into a makeup product.

Eyes: I think out of any other makeup product my favorite has got to be eyes. That being said, I have a ton of eye products that YouTube had made me buy. Today I have narrowed it down to two eye products that I am going to share with you. The first is the Urban Decay eye primer potion. Years and years ago, when I was just starting to get into makeup, this stuff was everywhere. It seemed like just about everyone was using it. Years laters, while it isn’t my favorite, I am still using it. I liked it even better when they came out with the squeeze out tube than I did when it had the doe foot applicator. Sadly, they went back to the doe foot applicator. Now there is nothing special about this stuff, it doesn’t give you special powers and make you Wonder Woman, but it works. When I use this product not only does it make my makeup more pigmented, it makes it last all day.

The other eye product I am talking about today is the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately only the deluxe version is now available so you can’t get this exact same one. Obviously I heard about this on YouTube from watching Carli Bybel herself! I was so excited for this product to come out. When I got my hands on it I swatched it right away. These shadows swatch wonderfully! There are definitely one or two shadows that lack the pigment and don’t swatch nicely but most of them are so pigmented and creamy. When you apply them on the eye they go on smoothly and just as pigmented, and they blend well. Unfortunately I have a little trouble with the lasting power on these shadows. For some reason no matter what I used to apply them, and what primer I use, these do not last on my eyes for very long. This is especially weird as usually eye shadow lasts on me all day. The funny thing is, remember when I said there were one or two shades that didn’t swatch that nicely? Well these shades stay on my eyes longer than the others do. Go figure.

Lips: The lip product I am sharing with you today is the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I feel like every beauty guru on YouTube has raved about this product so of course I had to have it to. I am so glad I bought it because now I am obsessed with it Now only is the applicator wonderful but it really does last all day, and on me at least it doesn’t make my lips look dry like some other liquid lipsticks do. It also doesn’t have an offensive smell or taste like I have found some other lip products to have. The colors are all beautiful and in the future I definitely want some more of this product in various shades.

Well there you have it. Some of the beauty items that I have bought because of YouTube. Of course I definitely have more products than that I was influenced to buy, and I am sure I will be influenced in the future too. That’s just the life of a makeup lover! I hope everyone is inspired to go and do something fun with their makeup using some makeup you bought from YouTube. Have fun lovelies!

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